All of Tat-Tech, Inc. technologies are based on HiFEIS, a proprietary technology.  HiFEIS, High Frequency ElectroInduction System, was developed by J. Wayne Tatman during several years of research and testing while working in the mining industry.  The principle goal was to selectively recover precious metals from an aqueous solution.  He eventually discovered that HiFEIS could be used for a number of applications:  recovery of minerals, remediation of mine tailings, water purification, cleaning sewage water, desalination of sea water, generating electricity from sea water, economical production of hydrogen, removal of hydrocarbons from oil fields, beaches and the ocean floor, all with no pollution or carbon footprint or the use of chemicals.

The impact of these technologies have the capability of affecting several sectors including, power supply, environmental cleanup, water cleaning and more economical metal production.  All in decentralized, economical and ecologically friendly facilities.  Tat-Tech, Inc. is committed to implementing these technologies for the benefit of the planet and its’ inhabitants.  The timing of introducing these technologies couldn’t be more crucial.

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